Rhein-Tec operates its own modern high performance computing centre based in the netherlands. Here, with our Nvidia Tesla servers, we provide our engineers with the computing power they need for modern structural calculations, regardless of whether it involves complex FEM (finite element method) modelling or CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations.

    FEM (finite element method)

    Our engineers use the finite element method (FEM), also called the "finite element method", as a general numerical procedure applied to various physical tasks.

    The most common application of the FEM is in the strength and deformation analysis of solids with geometrically complex shapes.
    With the help of FEM analysis, we calculate statically complex components and structures in the field of space technology, in the nautical sector and, for example, for research stations.



    CFD (computational fluid dynamics)

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an established method of fluid mechanics. our engineers calculate the flow behaviour in ventilation systems, tunnels, the wind resistance of a research station in a storm or the flow resistance in underwater vehicles. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive tests in wind tunnels or drag test facilities.  


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