Construction projects are becoming more and more extensive and therefore also much more complex, which is reflected today in the construction process and thus in ever more extensive network plans.

    The installation of communication technology, building control systems and IT infrastructures is only possible when the building is almost finished and the construction phases, which include screed, windows and doors, have been completed.

    The installation of control and communication technology is still risky even in this construction phase, as building dust, fire or water can damage sensitive systems or high costs for cleaning the technical systems afterwards can be expected.
    Moreover, disruptions in the construction process can greatly delay the installation of the technology.

    Rhein-Tec develops special technical modular space solutions for building projects and the construction industry, which can be integrated into the building at an early stage, long before the shell is completed. These shelters make it possible to install important information and control systems parallel to the construction process.

    The special shelters protect the technology from building dust, elementary and mechanical influences. The modular technical rooms are equipped with single or redundant air conditioning systems, Novec 1230 fire extinguishing systems and emergency power supplies, so that the network plan is relieved and risks can be minimised, as no further trades need to be commissioned.

    As a general principle, technical installations such as fire alarm systems, IT and telecommunications systems and emergency power supplies have a shorter life span than the actual building object.

    The used shelters can be planned in such a way that they can be replaced at the end of their life cycle by new shelters with modern building services. Already during the manufacture of a shelter, care is taken to ensure that many parts can be reused and kept in circulation.
    Your suppliers have the possibility to install their technology in our factory before installation on the construction site, so that it is possible to detect and test possible problems long before the actual installation date. This makes the situation on your construction site much easier.

    We supply technical rooms and shelters in different sizes, whether as server rooms, technical rooms for building services or as technical rooms for protected facilities, bunker systems, or critical infrastructures.
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