Research facilities



Research in extreme environments often requires special hardware and long-term presence. Often scientists, explorers and researchers are restricted in their activities by the required, non-existent technical infrastructure.
In order to increase research capacities, sustainable planning of the research facility can enable a permanent presence with good equipment in the region to be researched without leaving a large ecological footprint.

Rhein-Tec plans, builds and operates research facilities for every conceivable purpose, whether on water, in polar regions on a mountain or under extreme weather conditions.

Rhein-Tec GmbH  , Rhein-Tec B.V., research facilities , Self-Deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments
In cooperation with its customers, Rhein-Tec develops work areas, private areas, kitchens and hygiene units and adapts the interior to the individual research requirements.
 Rhein-Tec GmbH  , Rhein-Tec B.V., research facilities ,for Extreme Environments
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