medical facilities

The world is changing. Due to the geopolitical situation, 75 million refugees are currently on the run and exceptional weather phenomena are steadily increasing.

This poses new challenges for patient care, especially in the areas of diagnostics, therapy and care in crisis regions.
Medical care in developing countries, remote areas and crisis regions places high demands on mobile and semi-stationary facilities, such as mobility, flexibility and resistance.
Planning, building and operating a mobile and modular clinic requires a lot of experience and a well thought-out concept - always tailored to the different treatment processes and needs.

For this reason, Rhein-Tec GmbH not only employs mechanical or aerospace engineers and architects to create the utilization concept, but above all people who are familiar with care processes and patient care, such as nursing staff and doctors.

Rhein-Tec GmbH not only plans and constructs mobile and semi-stationary medical facilities, but also ensures that logistics are handled quickly and efficiently, for example in disasters and crisis areas, where it ensures smooth operations and rapid supply.

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