ICT infrastructures

We bring communication and information technology to every imaginable place in the world.

Rhein-Tec GmbH Emerging Market Engineering plans, builds and operates ICT infrastructures wherever they are needed.

Our mobile and semi-stationary or modular ICT solutions for stationary operation have been developed for special requirements.

No matter whether under arctic temperatures, operation in the desert or at extreme altitudes, where conventional air conditioning systems and fans of servers reach their limits due to low air pressure, we develop the right solution for your application area.

Even in Europe, where the infrastructure and climatic conditions are good, modular and semi-stationary solutions are gaining in importance.

A large proportion of newly built data centres are now oversized at the expense of energy efficiency.

We create solutions with modular infrastructures, so that our customers can develop together with us custom-fit infrastructures that can be planned for specific needs.
This is why our flexible and mobile data centers in container design are gaining in importance. All necessary components such as servers, storage, cooling and power supply are already included.

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