Critical infrastructures


Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) aims to ensure the availability of essential supplies of goods and services.
These include energy, communications, transport and medical care. Critical infrastructures are not only buildings and facilities, but also supply systems and services in the broadest sense. Serious failures, such as a nationwide power blackout, can cause serious economic damage and place a massive burden on the population or even endanger it. The protection of critical infrastructures includes structural, technical, organisational or legal measures aimed at preventing such failures where possible or, in the event of an incident, at rapidly restoring their functionality.

Rhein-Tec GmbH, together with our Partners  from Germany and Netherlands, is developing technically protected equipment that can withstand natural hazards and terrorist threats.
Whether it is an earthquake, a tornado, a tsunami or a terrorist attack with explosives or shelling, our shelters protect infrastructures and employees against any emerging danger.


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The armoured shelters of in combination with the robust and shock-resistant infrastructure of Rhein-Tec GmbH result in a reliable protected critical infrastructure.


To guarantee quality and safety, production takes place exclusively in Germany and the Netherlands.






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