Protection of critical infrastructures with BSSD

Critical infrastructure is a collective term for a large number of facilities, installations and services that are considered to be particularly at risk in civil protection. They are actually one of the most natural functional units of a modern society. In the event of a permanent failure of electricity, gas and water supplies as well as transport and telecommunications networks and other supply systems, public life quickly comes to a standstill.

Together with its partner BSSD GMBH, Rhein-Tec GmbH develops highly protected infrastructures that can withstand a terrorist attack or above-average natural mechanical influences and secure supplies.

The engineers of Rhein-Tec and BSSD concentrate on the technical sectors:

  • Health care
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Energy supply
  • Water supply
  • Emergency/rescue services including civil protection

Rhein-Tec GmbH  , Rhein-Tec B.V., balistically protected critical infrastructures , balistisch geschützte kritische infrastrukturen

We not only have many years of extensive experience in the construction of protected facilities worldwide, but also carry out quantitative risk analyses, define protection goals, analyse the relevance of critical infrastructures at system and property level, develop risk management, and plan measures to increase the resilience and robustness of critical infrastructures.

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