Rhein-Tec GmbH plans, builds and operates facilities for extreme environments


Rhein-Tec Group has been planning, building and operating facilities for extreme environments and special requirements for 20 years.We offer modular mobile, semi-stationary and stationary infrastructures with the corresponding services; especially where infrastructures in remote areas reach their limits. Despite the limited space available, we integrate all necessary means and facilities for secure operations.
Despite The Limited Space Available, We Integrate All Necessary Means And Facilities For Secure Operations.


Mobile, Semi-Stationary Or Stationery Facilities Or, If Required, Mixed Forms Can Be Developed: For Example, A Stationary Facility Can Be Combined With A Mobile One So That The Specialist Services Of The Mobile Subunit And The Necessary Specialist Personnel Can Be Deployed At Several Locations On A Rotational Basis.
All Systems Manufactured By Us Are Protected Against Dust, Debris, Fire, Rain, Fire Water And External Access.
All Systems Are Shock Resident !

Mobile and semi-stationary solutions for extreme environments​

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