Space technology down to Earth

A mobile hospital or semi-stationary research facility at sea, in Antarctica or in the Alps must meet much higher requirements than a comparable fixed facility in civilisation. At our development centre in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, such mobile and semi-stationary facilities and technologies are developed specifically for this purpose.
Important requirements such as robustness, serviceability, functionality and lightness of the technologies from space travel are included. We bring space technology to the earth.

One of the central challenges for the use of our facilities under extreme conditions is the need for protective, working and living space that enables researchers, doctors and technicians to live, work, research or carry out medical treatment in remote regions and under difficult conditions.

Safety, reliability and maintainability are the top priorities.
All the components we use, such as air conditioning or energy systems, are designed to be redundant. If one of the two systems fails, they can be replaced easily and quickly by laypersons, without in-depth technical knowledge, without great effort.
Our work and living modules are waterproof and protected against thermal and mechanical influences.
So better?
Together with our partner Minimax, we are developing special fire-fighting components based on Novec 1230 for our payload racks, mobile data centres, work and home equipment.


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