Oceanography Technology


We build plan, operate and rent mobile and semi-stationary high-tech solutions for nautical and polar research.

Technical information:
For the nautical sector Rhein-tec GmbH uses special shelters developed by our partner BSSD Defence GmbH with an aluminium outer skin of the group Al-7XXX, so-called armoured aluminium. A sandwich insulation is applied to the aluminium from the inside, which prevents the formation of a cold bridge.

The seawater resistant, waterproof, light and stable construction of the shelters allows a safe use at sea or in rough environments.
The aluminium armour thus also protects scientists and technical personnel from flying equipment or other objects in extreme weather conditions or other dangers.



Research Laboratories

Laboratories in a container or in a modular building offer full-fledged laboratory space, whether at sea, in polar regions or in the desert. They can be set up as temporary or semi-stationary units or even designed for fully mobile use at sea.
We have specialised in mobile and semi-stationary solutions and know the demands that analysis places on a laboratory. This enables us to plan and implement individual laboratory solutions that are tailored exactly to the requirements and conditions, regardless of the location.




remote control center for marine research

Rhein-Tec GmbH plans the construction and operation of remote control centers for various fields of activity and research purposes.

These can be temporary or semi-stationary to supplement or support the infrastructure of research vessels in research.

The Remote Control Centers have pulg and play infrastructures for controlling unnamed autonomous underwater vehicles, diving robots or can support the mission of a submarine as a Mission Control Center.

Also the equipment with IT infrastructures is planned, here the servers are high performance workstations, or other infrastructure in special racks which protect the infrastructure from humidity, heat and cold, but are also built to protect the infrastructure from vibrations of the machines or sudden acceleration forces during a strong wave impact.








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