Rental and leasing


Rhein-Tec Group has been planning, building and operating facilities for extreme environments and special requirements for 20 years.

From a financial and ecological point of view, it makes more sense to rent or share research infrastructure or medical facilities with limited working hours, i.e. to be able to acquire these expensive additional equipment and not be able to use them again later.

Even with critical infrastructures or ict systems such as modular technology rooms, it is sometimes more sensible to lease them and simply replace them with newer systems at the end of their life cycle. This mirrors our "cradle2cradle" cycle, so that such products can also be retained in the "cradle2cradle" cycle and thus a resource-saving use of modern technology is possible.

For this reason, Rhein-Tec offers all products for purchase or rent, whether it is a short-term research project or the long-term use of a telecommunications infrastructure.
We offer funding programmes for environmental protection organisations and aid organisations and thus support projects worldwide.


 Our rental Mobile and semi-stationary solutions for extreme environments​


You can rent offshore technologies through our partner Kura-Tec GmbH

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