IGLUNA 2020 - Swiss Space Center

The purpose of the mission is to demonstrate technologies for a space habitat that will sustain life in an extreme environment and to operate the novel technologies through a remote control mode.

IGLUNA 2020 is based on the heritage of IGLUNA 2019. With the main objective to increase the readiness level of the most relevant projects, IGLUNA 2020 also brings new actors and industrial partners together and promote the latest technologies. The multidisciplinary nature of this project covers a full range of topics, going from the habitat conception and construction to life support systems, communication and navigation, power management, as well as human well-being and science.

IGLUNA 2020 started in September 2019 with 16 teams of students from 11 European universities who will be developing their technology over two academic semesters until the final Field Campaign demonstration at the VERKEHRSHAUS – Swiss Museum of Transport and on the Pilatus from the 10 to the 19 July 2020.





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Rhein-Tec GmbH is technology partner of the IGLUNA 2020 project

The Space Operation Center in the " Verkehrshaus Schweiz" is planned and built by the company Rhein-tec gmbH and operated by the Swiss Space center.

Components and facilities of the space habitats on the pilatus are remotely controlled by the teams from the space operation center

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