Construction Project Management


Rhein-Tec GmbH, with its team of technicians and technical business people, will gladly take over the technical and commercial construction project management for you.

For our customers, partners and also external companies, we take over the entire project organization the planning, coordination and definition of actions and processes and their relationships, the creation of project structures as well as the planning, coordination and definition of processes and organizational structures.



We developed and built a high performance computer centre for a customer at a height of 4000 metres, in which a cooling system using novec 1230 was developed on the basis of airtightness, and together with our partner Kura-Tec GmbH and the university of albsig we are developing servers for measurement data which are still in service at a water depth of 6000 metres.   

With the help of effective schedule management, we set up schedules and carefully coordinate them between the individual parties involved in order to meet the specified deadline targets. In doing so, we create a schedule list, bar chart also called Gantt chart, path-time diagram, network diagram, construction process simulation for documentation, monitoring and control.

Nowadays, the total cost consideration plays a major role in the construction of technical facilities, whether a research station or a hospital or a critical infrastructure. We develop cost-optimized models that guarantee an economic utilization time and cause low construction costs.



Our focus topics for Construction Project Management

- Project organization

- Cost Management

- Construction project management

- Cost Forecast

- Approval Management

- Cost Planning

- Contract planning

- Cost monitoring

- Contract Management

- Cost controls

- Contract monitoring


- Quality Management


- Internal and external communication in the construction        project

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