Whether in metal construction, carpentry or composite construction, we pay attention to an ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Short transport routes and personal contact is important to us, which is why we prefer suppliers from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

metal processing

Light metal constructions made of aluminium and titanium as well as composite constructions are manufactured in our own plants in Noordwijk in the Netherlands and in Sankt Gallen in Switzerland.
Heavy, robust steel constructions are manufactured by our partners Kura-Tec gmbh in the Netherlands and bssd in Berlin.
Together with Kura-Tec GmbH, we planned a state-of-the-art CNC machining centre in Lelystad, the Netherlands, where high-precision steel parts are to be manufactured.


FIRST A HIGH QUALITY INTERIOR EXPANSION brings our facilities to life

For the employees of our customers the working environment is not old too rarely also the habitat in which they will live and work for months while outside of the habitat extreme environments such as cold heat, humidity or storms can be found. For this reason, special attention is paid to the interior design of medical facilities and research stations.

We only use solid wood materials and natural raw materials for interior design, such as furniture linoleum for the surface coating of desk surfaces or sideboards, and we do not use chipboard at all.


This makes our furniture durable and recyclable, in addition we use components that allow us at the end of a life cycle of a furniture to adapt the furniture in whole or in part to the life cycle of a furniture to rework and re-position in a new facility.  

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