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Whether in the development of telecommunications facilities, the development of innovative research environments in remote areas or the care of patients injured in crisis areas in mobile hospitals - in most cases it is the art of engineering that enables and secures the quality of work and life of people in regions of the world with weak infrastructures.

In our opinion, the success of a complex project depends largely on the degree of networking of all sworn personnel.
To ensure that all parties involved have the same view of data such as drawings, project plans, analyses and many other data, we provide our customers and partners with a common data basis on our infrastructure. This enables all those involved to have an insight into all important information at any time
In addition to geographical information systems and project management platforms as well as building information modeling, the Magellan is used for projects in remote regions. The Magellan has one of the most comprehensive geodata banks for natural hazards as well as political and social information.
During operation, the system permanently monitors all activities in the operational area and triggers an alarm if necessary.


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