To develop new things is our passion. The challenge of bringing ever better, more powerful and innovative mobile and semi-stationary systems for medical care, research and telecommunications to the market drives us every day.

We develop modular equipment and research platforms for our customers from a wide range of institutions and industries, which make working and living in remote areas more reliable, comfortable and safe.  In addition, we have a wide range of industry experience, which enables us to discard old patterns and take different paths.


We developed and built a high performance computer centre for a customer at a height of 4000 metres, in which a cooling system using novec 1230 was developed on the basis of airtightness, and together with our partner Kura-Tec GmbH and the university of albsig we are developing servers for measurement data which are still in service at a water depth of 6000 metres.   


Our focus topics

- Special solutions for extreme environments - Solutions for aerospace 
- Light and mobile solutions - Medical solutions
- Particularly sustainable solutions - Research institutions
- Particularly light solutions - Information and communication facilities
- Mobile solutions for crisis intervention - Critical infrastructures
- Solutions for population protection  
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