Whether in the development of telecommunications facilities, the development of innovative research environments in remote areas or the care of patients injured in crisis areas in mobile hospitals - in most cases it is the art of engineering that enables and secures the quality of work and life of people in regions of the world with weak infrastructures.

We are looking forward to consult you when it comes to find solutions for technical problems, no matter if it is about innovative ideas or technically challenging problems, we sometimes go unusual ways and adapt solutions to other areas, we are sure to find a solution for every problem, our commitment to university projects helps us to gain a lot of experience, especially in our focus areas.
In addition, Rhein-Tec advises on the development of new project ideas and provides support in their implementation.

Especially in the phase of idea generation, it is very important for investors, building owners and project developers to check project ideas for feasibility and to recognise the technical, operational and economic boundary conditions of a project at an early stage and with sufficient accuracy for investment decisions.

In addition, the effects on the environment and society must be clarified and the ability to obtain a permit must be correctly assessed.


crises prevention

When operating in remote areas, a crisis can occur faster than you think. Our teams have a lot of experience in crisis areas, which is why we advise our clients in the areas of crisis prevention and, above all, crisis and risk management.

our company prepares emergency manuals, and also trains your employees in the event of an emergency.

the best crisis prevention is to be prepared for possible dangers, for this reason we carry out a detailed risk analysis at the beginning of each project. You can find an example here.


Our focus topics

- Technology consulting  - Hospital construction and Medical process development
- Crisis management - Natural Hazard Management / Risk analysis and prevention
- Logistics in areas difficult to access - Master plans
- Operation and maintenance consulting - Location consulting (remote areas)
- Geology & Hydrogeology consulting - Sustainable construction in sensitive ecosystems
- Information Management - GIS & BIM - Technology development for research projects
- Design and technologies for mobile data center  
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