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Our social responsibility and ethical principles

charitable activities

To develop new things is our passion. The challenge of bringing ever better, more powerful and innovative mobile and semi-stationary systems for medical care, research and telecommunications to the market drives us every day.

In addition to its own projects in the field of development aid and environmental protection, Rhein-Tec B.V. supports a large number of charitable projects and organisations.

The strength of our company is the support we give by providing material and labour for environmental protection and aid organisations.

We support projects in the following areas:  
medical aid projects species protection Environment and nature conservation
training projects projects for equal opportunities technical development aids

Our standards and expectations of our employees, business partners, and customers


In our company the protection of the environment and species and social justice play a major role, we are always trying to avoid waste and not to waste energy and water.

We expect the same from our employees, partners and customers




Social equity and why we do not participate in calls for tender

we are of the opinion that good work must also be well rewarded, no matter in which hierarchy or in which function people work for us, everyone contributes equally to the success of a project and the company. we reward this with fair working conditions and salaries.

A further aspect of our company is ecological sustainability and the careful handling of resources.

Both points have their price, therefore our company refrains from taking part in calls for tenders which have the sole purpose of awarding a prize, so that a social and ecological production process cannot be achieved with the quality we strive for.  


Why we reject companies and countries as customers


As customers, we exclude companies and countries that do not recognize the basic rights of human beings, or speculate with elementary needs such as water supply, for example, or promote massive damage to the environment or species diversity from all business activities.

an excerpt of the list of companies and countries which we exclude can be requested by e-mail.

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